Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” ~Seth Godin

It’s 6:35 and I am waiting for the sun to rise over the ocean.  I am not at the water’s edge like my husband is.  I am sitting in a comfy chair under the most snuggly blanket ever, sipping my coffee while I write these words.  I am on vacation and IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

The only thing I am missing is five of our children that couldn’t come with us. Other than that, it’s been perfect.  I have been able to NOT COOK!, read, research, sleep in, relax, eat when I am hungry – rather than when the clock says it’s time, go for long bike rides and not be tied down to a schedule.

I used to think that vacations were for doing all the things we don’t have time for at home.  And just this week, I read about an older man who was dispensing wisdom from his years of experience to a younger woman complaining about the busyness of her life. The wise man offered to the haggard, worn out, dutiful woman that she “find a vacation every day, even if it’s walking outside and feeling the grass between your toes.” It made me think.  What if vacations aren’t places we go for things we don’t HAVE time for, but rather things we don’t MAKE time for?

And I started to wonder… what if for the last 90 days of 2019 we did that?  Like REALLY did that. TOGETHER. Rather than only looking for the next weekend away, the next time at the beach, the next moment without kids, the next day off, what if we looked to find a moment “to vacation” each day?  Just ONE SIMPLE MOMENT. It’s going to look differently for each of us. And we don’t have to go away to do it.

I would love to go deep sea fishing at the beach, but what if I fished on the lake for an hour at home?

I would love to take a week off of cooking, but how about just one meal?

I would love to sleep in every day like I have here in Hilton Head, but wouldn’t one day a week in my own bed feel amazing?

Sure, it is much easier to relax when I am away from my to-do list at home, but couldn’t I MAKE the time to do that if I was intentional? Even for thirty minutes?

I think we can.  I actually think we SHOULD.  So let me ask you… What is it that feeds your soul?  Rejuvenates your spirit? Fills you up?  Grounds you? Makes you feel relaxed?  Brings you peace?  Even if for just a moment.

Would you commit to “vacationing” with me for the rest of the year?  Instead of I’ve got my toes in the water… it’s the blades of grass between my toes challenge.  Ninety days. Who’s in?