Have you ever felt like you are living on repeat? As if you are stuck in Groundhog’s Day? We get up, make breakfast, go to work, pick everyone up, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed. Get up and do it all over again. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been stuck.

At The Exchange, we empower women to swim upstream against the cultural drift of society. Our vision is to INSPIRE women to live ON PURPOSE and WITH INTENTION. To EXCHANGE a life of the mundane, with a MEANINGFUL LIFE.

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Thank you, Elizabeth & The Exchange for feeding my soul each month! I can’t wait for the next one! …more


I am so very grateful for The Exchange and the influence it has already had on me and my family. This exactly what we ALL need. …more


In addition to gathering wisdom to apply to my life, I have been able to offer advice to others by simply sharing what I’ve learned.  …more


When women come together to support, encourage, & inspire each other, something truly powerful takes place.  …more


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