Each month, founder, Elizabeth Pehrson (along with additional guest speakers) will walk us through the topic of the night. The topics are designed to broaden our minds, challenge us to think outside the box, and encourage us to awake to a life of PURPOSE and INTENTION.

This year’s theme is LIVING UNSETTLED LIVES. Many of us have settled and become used to whatever is comfortable. We have been lulled to sleep, thinking “this is just how our life is”. We have become complacent and have settled for less than the lives we were created for. We have settled in our jobs. In our health. In our marriages. In our relationships. In our very own lives. So this year, with the pause of 2020, we want to awaken to an unsettled life, by exploring a number of rousing topics that allow us to wrestle with love, hurt, vulnerability, compassion, uncertainty and truth telling. With our world being so unsettled right now, we want to be purposeful and intentional with the only thing we can control…. ourselves.

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