Stories of Impact

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It’s great to EXPLORE these topics
And it’s great to ENRICH our minds,
But it’s the ENGAGE part that creates the most LIFE CHANGE…
And the beauty of that, is that it looks completely different for every one of us.

The Exchange has personally been such a positive influence in my life. I love the variety of inspiring subjects each month and the fellowship with other women of all ages…… from all walks of life. We are all striving to be the best ME we can be! I sincerely feel through these words of wisdom I have become a more loving wife, a more patient mom, a better friend, and most of all, a more abundant GIVER in our community. As I become a better me, I am more inclined to reach out to others with a sincere loving and caring attitude.

Thank you, Elizabeth & The Exchange for feeding my soul each month! I can’t wait for the next one!

– Susan

A couple of years ago I was looking for something. A place where I could talk with other women about real life. Not a Bible study. Not a book club. More of a life club. A long-time friend of mine told me about The Exchange in Cumming and that she wanted to brainstorm the idea with a group of ladies about bringing the Exchange to Woodstock. When I heard Elizabeth Pehrson talking about the vision of the Exchange to our small group of Woodstock ladies I knew I had found EXACTLY what I was looking for.

At the Exchange, our topics are ALL real life and relevant. Each month I learn so much and am so encouraged by the speakers and women around me that I joke the whole night was JUST for me. Topics like vulnerability, temperaments & depression remind me that I am not alone. Each discussion has challenged and inspired me to live life on purpose- in every area. Because when we stop being intentional, we naturally veer off course. I want to be intentional with my marriage, my parenting, my health, my well-being, my friendships so I can be the very best version of me.

The Exchange is a powerful place for ALL women regardless of stage of life, background or belief. I am so grateful to have something like this in our community because I want every wife, mother, sister daughter and friend to get this. To understand that we need each other. Women need women to have their backs and point each other back on the path to becoming our best. Can you imagine the impact that would have in our community?
I can. I have already seen the success in our gatherings. Each of us has something to share. Something to exchange with another person. Encouragement. Wisdom. A smile. I am so very grateful for The Exchange and the influence it has already had on me and my family. This is exactly what we ALL need.

– Bonnie

The ladies of The Exchange have impressively been able to secure top speakers including an author of a book I had already read and loved, and they discussed a book I had purchased but hadn’t read yet so it encouraged me to read it and learn more about how to happily live imperfectly. At each event, I go between laughing out loud and taking so many notes my pen can’t keep up! In addition to gathering wisdom to apply to my life, I have been able to offer (solicited) advice to others by simply sharing what I’ve learned.

The three topics that have affected me most are the “charity/ getting involved in giving back” discussion, “What’s It like to Be on the Other Side of Me,” and “The Gifts of Imperfection,” which I attended in Cumming and now plan to excitedly invite friends to in Woodstock in August! I was introduced to a foster kids organization whom I have now partnered with for about six months through my 501(c)3. We have been able to take each of the kiddos shopping during their birthday months and continue to do so. The leaders of the organization said the kids feel a sense of pride sporting their brand new outfits around town, something they rarely, if ever, get the chance to do.

With the two locations, I have been able to invite friends from all over without them having to drive far at all!

– Becky

When women come together to support, encourage, & inspire each other, something truly powerful takes place. This has been my experience at The Exchange- Woodstock. I didn’t realize how much I needed these women in my life. They have encouraged me to live with intention & to pursue my best self.

– Johanna

The Exchange has become a place, event and community that I look forward to each month. I love that I can get so many tanks filled in my life thru one event. I can have a great time with a friend who I meet up with and catch dinner before. I can attend alone and be confident that I will meet someone new, fabulous and similar to me. I can walk away having something new and interesting to think about and apply to my life. I can get a good glass of wine… which is always nice in the week. 🙂 I can also know that I am supporting my local community by becoming aware of and investing in the needs and people around me. I gain so much for one event. I have a girls night out, a good meal, something to challenge me, a beautiful environment to inspire me, even a chance to buy a little something for myself. what more could you want… and all for just 10 bucks! Thank you for providing in one event something that can fill me up on so many levels!