As we wrapped up our last event, it blew me away to realize that we have completed our SIXTH season of The Exchange!!!! This year’s theme was LIVING UNSETTLED LIVES.  We wanted to explore a number of rousing topics that would allow us to wrestle with love, hurt, vulnerability, compassion, uncertainty and truth telling.  And THAT, we did!
Over the past year, women became AWAKENED to living life of PURPOSE.  And we became AWARE of how we were settling for the status quo, thinking “this is just how life is”. And we understood that to live an UNSETTLED LIFE, we can no longer be willing to receive anything less than the lives we were created for!
We are grateful for the women who showed up, not only for The Exchange, but those that showed up for themselves. Willing to do the work.  Some uncovered what is driving their anxiety or depression.  Some addressed their boundary issues for the very first time.  Others learned the difference between being nice and being kind.  Some women decided that it was time and became INTENTIONAL with their physical health.  While others cleaned up their mental mess.  And most recently, a number of women have marked 2021 as the year they are going to LIVE LIFE with NO REGRETS…  and start learning Life Lessons now while we still have breath in our lungs.
We hope you will not pause in your growing, pause in your healing or pause in your life lessons.  Use this summer (and if you were at the last Exchange, use the journal we gifted you ) to continue learning. And when we gather again in the fall, we will be excited to hear what your summer taught you!  Thank you for inspiring me to stay on my path and allowing me to walk alongside you.  Until we meet again…