We can go three weeks without food, three days without water, three minutes without oxygen – but we can’t even go three seconds without thinking.

Try it. I’ll wait…

I’ll give you three seconds.

What did you think about? I kept thinking about the three seconds. Even counted 1-2-3 in an effort NOT to think about anything. But I was consumed with NOT thinking about anything, which led me to be THINKING about NOT THINKING. This whole concept was originally presented to me in Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest research, as I was preparing for the next Exchange. And it has stayed with me, much like the pollen on my car.

So, when I am up throughout the night, unable to sleep, I think about my thinking.  When I am in my Pilates class, I focus on capturing my thoughts. You know why?  Because I am learning that it is IMPERATIVE to learn how to catch and alter my thoughts and reactions (if needed) BEFORE they become toxic PATTERNS and HABITS.

Recently, I joined a gym for the first time. Thanks a lot, Tracy! I found myself insecure because I had no clue what the workout acronyms meant, let alone could actually do them!  And one thing that I know about myself to be true, is that – I do NOT like doing things I am not good at! (That is another issue for another blog 🙂 And what I realized is that all of the insecurity and the negative dialogue going on in my head, was reflected in my workouts AND in my interactions with other women in the gym.

Because… EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH A THOUGHT!EVERYTHING starts from within and then comes out.  What is happening in our minds, eventually will play out in our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not, our thoughts become our reality. Our thoughts run our lives.

And it wasn’t until I changed my THINKING about the gym, about the workouts and about the other women in there, that my EXPERIENCE changed. Nothing externally was different. The only shift was between my own two ears.

So, over the next couple of weeks, I encourage you to see what is IN YOU. To take note of your thoughts. Capture them.  See how they are playing out in your daily life. And if your mental mess is making your life feel like a mess, alter your thoughts. For one thing is certain – if we don’t shape our lives, they will be shaped for us.  And to shape your life, it starts with a thought. After all, EVERYTHING begins with a thought.

I hope you will join me this month, on April 15th, where we will deep dive into Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest book, “Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess – 5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to reduce Anxiety, Stress and Toxic Thinking”.  I am THINKING that you need to be there! 🙂