As I sat down to my computer, I wanted to write words that were inspirational and encouraging.  But unfortunately, that is not the song in my heart to sing at this time. And yet, what I know is, what we teach is what we need to learn; what we speak is what we need to hear.

And what I need to hear is that we are hard wired for CONNECTION.  And that is not something that should be dismissed. This world is changing more rapidly than any other time in my lifetime.  I feel it.  I see it.  I sense it.  And with these changes, have come great divide.  And if not divide, disconnection.  We have adapted to a world of online church, zoom calls and virtual schooling. Even tomorrow, I will be attending a family funeral via the internet. (What in the world?!?!?!)

Studies have shown that at first, that the slower pace at home, was a reprieve for busy families.  Fun screen time excuses for teens.  Cool outlets for those at home in their pajamas at 4:00 in the afternoon making tiktoks.  But months later, the novelty wore off and MANY people began to suffer.

Time magazine reported that the pandemic the virus has caused has been devastating to mental health, and in many cases, the MOST VULNERABLE GROUP IS WOMEN.  Women are almost three times as likely as men to report suffering from significant mental health consequences.

And in complete and vulnerable honesty, I fall into that category.  I have struggled through 2020.   I found myself barely surviving. So, whenever I meet with women, I often ask them… have you been thriving or surviving since the onset of Covid?  And I have met with many that have been living their best life throughout the quarantine and beyond.  But…. THAT. IS. NOT. ME.

For me personally, I have felt the loss of face-to-face interaction at the grocery store.  I have experienced lack of connection and know what it feels like to have capacity for so much more!  I have sensed the awkwardness of seeing someone that you normally hug but knowing it would now cross a major boundary.  I have observed drastic discord and dissention with close friends over the science of masks, the effectiveness of the covid shot, the debate of Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss, and the politics of gender identification. For the first time, I have understood what it feels like to live in a full house of TEN people and yet, still feel lonely.

So, I am putting myself out there.  Believing that I am not alone.  If you have more capacity for CONNECTION or have experienced ANY of this throughout the last YEAR… please be sure to join us at the March Exchange as we delve into the topic of being HARDWIRED FOR CONNECTION: and the role that laughter plays.  If you don’t come for you, come for me, a sister, longing for CONNECTION.