I hope this finds you all as well as can be expected during this time of isolation. But if you are not, that is okay as well.  It’s okay not to be okay.  What is happening right now, is not okay.  But this too shall pass.

In the meantime, let’s not make it harder than it already is. TOGETHER, let’s promise to fight the Covid Comparison.  TOGETHER, let’s fight the temptation to compare ourselves to someone else right now.

There are introverts that are LOVING this slower paced life at home.  And there are extroverts that feel like they are being slowly suffocated.

There are moms crushing the kids activities and then posting for all to see.  And there are moms doing all they can just not to step on another lego, barefoot.

There are women that have suddenly become Joanna Gaines and are tackling every home project they didn’t even know they had.  And there are women who can barely stay on top of the dishes, the laundry and the cleaning.

There are single women feeling lonely, longing for touch, connection and companionship.  There are married women feeling like the walls are closing in and they just need their space.

There are homeschool moms that are doing what they were previously called to do.  And there are others that had ITS learning thrust upon them and teaching is not their gift.

There are people taking online classes and learning new languages.  And there are people taking it a minute at a time and learning their new norm.

There are families that have lost their freedom to roam.  And there are families that have lost loved ones.

Some of you need to hear this: Please don’t compare yourself to how another person is handling this pandemic, and feel like you don’t measure up.

And some of you need to hear this: Please don’t compare yourself to how another person is handling this pandemic, and feel like you are superior.

we are all in the same boat.

we are not all in the same storm.

for some people its sprinkling. this is a break. it’s a breather.  it’s a rest. it’s a pause. a time to reconnect with their families.  honestly, it’s kind of peaceful.

for some it’s a storm.  it’s a bit scary.  it’s disruptive.  it’s enough to make you stay up and watch the news and worry, a bit.

for some, it’s a damn hurricane.  it’s tearing at boards.  it’s pulling off roofs.  it’s washing them out to sea.  it’s dark and unknown.  it’s life changing.

it’s not wrong to be enjoying a sprinkle or enduring a storm.  but please don’t negate the difference. rest with your family.  but don’t minimize the hurricane engulfing your neighbor.  laugh at a meme,

but get on your knees for your friends.


(author unknown)

We are in the same boat ladies.  Let’s sister our sisters.  Check in on each other.  Row when they can’t.  Adjust the sails. Get on our knees for our friends.  Our neighbors.  Our family.  Offer to ourselves and to others, compassion more than fear.  Empathy more than anxiety. Pay less attention to the storm and more attention to our fellow sailors.

And please, whether you feel like you are captain of your ship or have been thrown overboard, please don’t allow the Covid Comparison onboard.

And if there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

– Elizabeth