*We can see ourselves represented in all 9 types…but, we tend to be most dominant in one
*People don’t change from one type to another
*Not everything in the description of the type will apply to you at all times b/c we fluctuate
*There is no ranking system…no type is better than the other
*Different teachers may call the types different names…don’t get caught up in the title…look at the description behind the title
*Pay attention what you pay attention to
*If you were to describe yourself in a few words…which word cluster describes you best most of the time:
1.PERFECTIONIST…principal, purposeful, self control, perfectionism
2. HELPER…generous, demonstrative, people pleasing, possessive
3. ACHIEVER…adaptable, excelling, driven, image conscious
4. ROMANTIC…expressive, dramatic, self absorbed, temperamental
5. INVESTIGATOR…perceptive, innovative, secretive, isolated
6. LOYALIST…engaging, responsible, anxious, suspicious
7. ENTHUSIAST…spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive, scattered
8. CHALLENGER…self confident, decisive, willful, confrontational
9. PEACE-MAKER…receptive, reassuring, complacent, resigned
*What is your deepest need?
1. To be perfect
2. To be needed
3. To succeed
4. To be special/unique
5. To be perceived/to understand
6. To be certain/ sure
7. To avoid pain at all cost

8. To be against

9. To Avoid

*The Enneagram is about self awareness, compassion, and transformation.
*If we can’t self observe we can’t self correct.
*There are 3 “Centers” of intelligence….3 ways we take in information…for us to be centered and balanced we need to be tapped in to all 3 areas
1.GUT…..DOING intelligence
2.MIND…THINKING intelligence
3.HEART…FEELING intelligence
*Judy Blackwell says that on our very best day we are only taking in about 1/3 of what is going on around us
*Is it any wonder why relationships are so challenging…we may see a different 1/3 than someone else saw….we missed 2/3
* (GUT) Type 8,9,1 take in information with their GUT take in information intuitively….have an immediate like or dislike
* (HEART) Type 2,3,4….take in information with their HEART…need affection…are feeling people…take on the feelings of everyone around them
* (MIND) Type 5,6,7…take in information with their MIND….want security, survival, are analytical, logic based
*We have a Dominant Center (take in info), a Supportive Center (process info), and a Repressed Center (not being used to full potential)
*Our “Stance” comes from our repressed center
*3 Stances…How we react and interact with the world…humans naturally move towards, against, or away from others….
1.DEPENDANT (TOWARDS)….Type 1, 2, 6….issue with authority figure/rule maker….THINKING REPRESSED
2. ASSERTIVE (AGAINST)… Type 3,7, 8…issues with nurturing figure….FEELING REPRESSED
3. WITHDRAWN (AWAY)… Type 4,5,9…issues with authority and nurturing figure…DOING REPRESSED

*3, 6, and 9…the “Center” in which you take information in is also the “Stance” you suppress
*TYPES 1,2,6…DEPENDANT/THINKING REPRESSED….thinking all the time….mind is going all the time…but, it is not productive
*TYPE 1– constant inner critic that demands and answer, second guessing yourself all the time, arguing with yourself all day long
+Try to tame the inner voice, read or watch news shows that disagree with your point of view, first thing in the morning get up and write down
everything you are thinking on 3 pages…then throw it away….kind of like a trash can…brain dump….this will be helpful for those who live with you
*TYPE 2–thinking all day long…85% of thinking has to do with relationships…think about what you are working on, what others need from you…
+ Try to ask people outside 1,2, 6 for perspective
*TYPE 6–Don’t like attention…spend a lot of time thinking about worst case scenario….and the majority of those things never happen. Worry. Anxious.
+ Try to ask people to be patient with you
+ Try to keep a daily journal of everything you worried about for 30 days and at the end review and see how many of them actually happened
*TYPE 3–so many are successful in business and big groups….can feel the feelings but is able to suppress. Can address issues without feeling getting
in the way
+Try to check in and follow up with others on how they feel
*TYPE 7–Feel deeply..but only have half range of emotions because only want to be happy…they can reframe a negative into a positive…but reframing
is actually NOT feeling your feelings.
+Try to put yourself in a position where you can’t control the outcome…..even if it is difficult
*TYPE 8–you are either passionate about it or you don’t do it. You mistake passion with feelings.  Very expressive. Anger is easily accessible. Not
relational with most people….you are relational with those close to you. Set aside tenderness.  Like to be in the lead.
+Try to Slow Down
+Try to be patient with those who like to express their feelings
-at a slight disadvantage because people know when you don’t “DO”…they don’t know if you aren’t thinking or feeling….but you get caught when you
don’t “do”…you procrastinate, you do whatever is right in front of you even if it is not the most important.
*TYPE 4–self aware, very sensitive, often artists, if their heart isn’t in it forget it….can get distracted, love to think and daydream, content with longing
+Try to commit to doing fewer things and actually doing them
+Try to finish one thing before starting the next
+Try to come up with a pattern (not a schedule….they don’t like the word schedule)
*TYPE 5–have a measured amount of energy everyday..think they aren’t going to have enough time. Spend the day planning instead of doing.
stubborn. they plan to do–just don’t do.
+Try to Plan Less, Do More
+Try to act without so much planning
*TYPE 9–You do all the time…just not always in the appropriate order, sometimes avoid doing because it is work, aware of what needs to be done
just not aware that they are the ones that need to do it. Easily distracted.
+Try to make a Priorities List….and get help on setting the priorities
*The center you repress shows your orientation of time
*1-2-6 comforted in the PRESENT (don’t have to think about past or worry about future)
*3-7-8 comforted in the FUTURE (no feelings there yet)
*4,5,9 comforted in the PAST (don’t have to do anything)
*What you focus on determines what you miss.
*It is difficult to reach other people if you don’t know where they are standing.
*What is the disconnect and how can we bridge it?
*We don’t see things as they are…we see things as we are.