*What would I do differently if I knew no one would judge me?
-What would I start?
-What would i quit?
-Where would I go?
-What would I do?
*We all have limited time
*You can get more money…more friends…but you can’t get more time.
*Your time matters.
*We are not perfect…we are people in process
*The goal is not the goal…the goal is the process
*We are so quick to judge what is different than what we know and what we are used to
*As much as we like to skip over the hard stuff…it doesn’t work that way
*We like a “How To” and  a quick fix
*We know how to…but are we?
*We know how to eat healthy….but are we doing it?
*Brene Brown says…”Most everyone reading this book knows how to eat healthy.  I can tell you the Weight Watcher
points for every food in the grocery store.  I can recite the South Beach Phase 1 grocery shopping list and the glycemic
index like they’re the Pledge of Allegiance.  We know how to eat healthy”
*We are more informed than ever before….but-we are struggling more than ever before.
*We can know “how to” but things get in the way of who we are suppose to be and get in the way of our process
*Vikki Fraker – Revival 356 (Farm and Spiritual Sanctuary)
*We don’t have to be committed to suffering…we can live a life committed to peace
*When we are centered and balanced we don’t tend to judge…but when we are out of our comfort zone, tired, mad, stressed, etc…
We go externally (as the world does) and we judge and look for validation
*We need to start internally
*Corroded Links……when my link to God is clear I’m doing things that fill me spiritually…but those links get corroded if I
don’t do those things….so, when I start judging, being critical, and going outward  I know it isn’t actually between me and “Sally”….
It is between me and God.
*We long for something internally and if we search for it externally it will never be filled
*When you point your finger there is 1 finger out and 3 pointed back at you
*Be willing to look within and do the work…you are not going to be a victim of other people’s decisions
*We have to learn a new way to be in a relationship with ourselves.
*What is inside is what comes out.
*”Comparison is the thief of joy” -Theodore Roosevelt
*Why do we compare when we know we have nothing to gain?
*When we judge we see either better or worse….we either edify ourselves or cut ourselves down
*The antidote to this is to go on a RAMPAGE OF GRATITUDE….look everywhere for what is good in your life…
you gain a momentum of gratitude…you focus on what is going good and right in your life
*You can’t just talk about it…you have to do it
*You can’t just read the books, you can’t just show up….you have to take the steps
*When we allow ourselves to have the space for our journey we also allow others to stay their course and  have space
for their journey
*You have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin (it takes practice being you)
*Is where you are going taking you to where you want to be? If you are on 75 N and you think you are going to Florida…
you’re not!! (paraphrased from Andy Stanley)
*As long as you are looking towards the external you are going to be always hustling
*Judging and comparing waste energy
*Our greatest commodity is TIME
*You can’t give what you don’t have
*You have to receive it so you can give it away
*You want to get to the end of your life with deep purpose and meaning
*We don’t want to be a watered down version of ourselves.
*We have to be kind to ourselves not just kind to others.
*We think we can give to everyone else and just skip over ourselves….but if we do this we end up frustrated
*God commands us to love others AS YOURSELF (love others and yourself)
*Perfectionist compare themselves to everyone and everything
*We try to reach a bar and when we get close the world laughs and raises the bar…you’re chasing something that
is not real
*”What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself” -Abraham Maslow
*See yourself in a different way.
*Brene Brown said  “When perfectionism is driving us, shame is always riding shotgun and fear is the backseat driver”
*Perfectionists work so hard to make everything look perfect on the outside that is even harder to tell others who they
really are.
*Shame finds it easy to keep a perfectionist quiet.
*Guilt= I’ve done something bad,      Shame= I am bad
*”You’re only as sick as your secrets” -A.A.
*The less you talk about shame the more you have it
*A.A. says H.O.W…..(Honest Open Willing)….you have to get honest with yourself before you have any movement.  You have to be
open because the same mind that you go into this can’t be the one that gets you out…you need someone else to help.
*Fear of not being enough
*What does it look like to walk in fear vs. walk in love?
*You are either walking towards God facing him or you are walking away from God with your back turned to Him
*When you feel like you are spinning out of control one deep, intentional breath can get you back on track….you can
turn around and face God
*Are you at peace in the quiet and the chaos….or is there a constant feeling underneath that something is not quite right?
*Be mindful throughout the day
*Start with small baby steps
*Some people are in a constant state of suffering…looking for what is wrong rather than what is right…and you can also
gain momentum in that direction
*A belief is just a repeated thought
*If you want some different beliefs you have to have some different thoughts
*What is the underlying cause of all of this?….worthiness
*When we suffer…when we are walking in the valley…Vikki says the only way she can get through it is to welcome it and
know it is here to teach her…
*When we resist the trial and push back it persists
*If you are stuck in the mud and you start flailing you go deeper…but if you stop, get still, and accept it…you can make a
plan and get out.
*Our trials/struggles are not happening TO us, they are happening FOR us
*Don’t let who you were get in the way of who you are becoming
*Grow and don’t stay stagnant
*Stop comparing.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Stop judging.
*We are all on this journey together
*”We are all just walking each other home”