Living intentionally starts with awareness.

*The Enneagram is full of wisdom…so we can get out of our own way and be who we were created to be

*We need to evaluate the lens through which we see the world.

*What we don’t know about ourselves can and will hurt us….not to mention others.

*The Enneagram can give us self knowledge and help us identify the parts of us that limit us.

*The Enneagram can help our relationships with others.

*Guest Speaker: Laurie Wunder…Life Coach…678-938-2537…

*When asked how she picked the Enneagram over other personality test she said:

because it is positive, it focuses on the WHY not the actual behavior, freedom, potential for growth, it is hopeful and

it accounts for the fluidity of our personality

*Myers-Briggs is the way the world sees you

Enneagram is the way you see the world

*We each have qualities of all 9…so learn about all 9…don’t just focus on your number

*No one can “type” you…only you know who you really are

*Your personality is fluid while you are a child—so don’t “type” your children


*1-PERFECTIONIST…motivation is the need to live life the right way-avoid fault and blame…ok if do the right thing

2-HELPER…motivation is the need to be loved and needed….serves others…ok if loved and needed by others

3-PERFORMER…motivated by how you look to others…image…constantly assessing…ok if successful and valuable

4-INDIVIDUALIST…motivated by what they are experiencing and emotions…want to be unique…ok if true to self and emotions

5-INVESTIGATOR…motivated by knowing more and wanting control…want to be alone…ok as long as they have mastered

6-LOYALIST…motivated by fear of the unknown…think about what could go wrong…ok if they have security, guidance and support

7-ENTHUSIAST…motivated by having fun…exciting…go go go…ok if they are satisfied and content

8-CHALLENGER…motivated by being rebels….sticking up for the underdog…creating waves…constantly questioning others…ok as long as in control

9-PEACEMAKER…motivated by wanting everyone to be happy…inner stability…peace of mind…ok if avoiding conflict

*Triad….1,8,9 = driven by anger…think with their GUT

2,3,4 = driven by shame…think with their HEART

5,6,7= driven by fear….think with their HEAD

*internalize= 1, 4, 7

externalize= 2, 5, 8

repress= 3, 6, 9

*Wing- is the number on either side of your number that is your “wing man” and adds to your core number

*Arrows—diagram shows how stress arrows move you toward the negatives of another number and security/growth arrows move you towards positives of another number

–by this we can learn what our triggers are and make a plan

*What if we don’t like our number? Recognize the things that don’t serve us well and stop the behaviors

*The Enneagram sheds light on our motivations

*Through the Enneagram we can become more self accepting.


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