Maya Angelou has been famously known for saying… “Do the best you can until you know better.  And then when you know better, do better.”  I want to know better so that I can do better!  That is basically what The Exchange is all about.  We aim to share some tools that will help us live more intentionally with this one life we have been given.  It’s a GIFT!  And what we do with it, is up to us!


I want us to live our very best lives.  And we cannot do that, if we are believing lies that are holding us back. And as I shared last week, there have been a number of lies that I have believed about myself and/or have been handed to me that have impacted my ability to step into who I was created to be.


And I believe that there are lies that you have held on to, that simply are not true.  There are untruths that are playing on repeat on the tape in your head.  I know this because we are more alike than we are different! And I also know this because of the 171 lies that were written down on little red sheets of paper at The Exchange.

Lies such as:

I am not good enough.

I’m divorced, so I am a failure.

There is something wrong with me.

I’ll blow it.

I’m not lovable.

I’m not a good mom.

My weight defines me.

I’m not smart.

I don’t deserve my family.

Something else will make me happy.

I am too quiet.

I could be pretty if I wasn’t fat.

My joy is not enough to pursue.

I am not worthy.

(Can we pause for just a minute?  When I see these lies written down on paper in a woman’s handwriting,  (some of whom I might know!) it wrecks me. This is MY community of women!  THIS IS NOT OK!  We would be devastated if our daughters wrote down such lies.  We would be heartbroken if our friends, our sisters shared such untruths. Why do we allow these lies to settle into the crevices of our heart and minds for so long that they take root? It has to stop TODAY.)

Hopefully, after we unpacked Rachel’s book, GIRL WASH YOUR FACE, you now know that these are LIES.  These are NOT who you are.  These are NOT your truth.  I now KNOW, that I AM ENOUGH, I DON’T HAVE TO PLAY SMALL and that MY WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE ME.

And now that I know better, I want to do better. And the way I live my life should look differently than it did before. I don’t want to be seventy-five years old, still believing these same ole lies.

Rachel says it best.  “Your life is supposed to be a journey from one unique place to another; it’s not supposed to be a merry go round that brings you to the same spot over and over again. Every year you close a new chapter in your story.  Please, please, please don’t write the same one seventy-five times and call it a life.”

So are you ready to debunk whatever lie you have believed about yourself?  Are you ready to start right now!?!  I am!  Let’s start TODAY.  And let’s do it TOGETHER. We were doing the best we could until we knew better.  But now that we know better, we are going to do better.

So glad we are on this journey together…