* Comfort is the enemy of progress
* No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else
* “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” E.E. Cummings
* Comparison tells you to look around at everyone else and fit in….but to stand out at best
* “You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people”
* “Leave behind your narrow mind-You’ll never be the same”….”And you know you can’t go back again to the world that you were living in ’cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open-So, come alive!”
* “All the shine of a thousand spotlights
All the stars we steal from the night sky
Will never be enough
Never be enough
Towers of gold are still too little
These hands could hold the world but it’ll
Never be enough
Never be enough”

* THIS IS ME…The Greatest Showman | “This Is Me” with Keala Settle | 20th Century FOX
* There is a little bearded lady down deep in all of us
* “hide away, they say
’cause we don’t want your broken parts
I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars
Run away, they say
No one’ll love you as you are”
* We are taught to hide ourselves and not be seen
* When Barnum first meets the bearded lady she is hiding behind a sheet….he says “dare I say beautiful?”….the woman around all gasp…
he takes her under his wing and she starts to believe in herself..
* “I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be …THIS IS ME.”
* We all have a need for love and belonging
* We are no longer sorry for her….we are rooting for her…we understand her and relate….we start to long for her confidence
* As soon as she stopped caring about what other people thought of her they all started to love her
* “Look out ’cause here I come”
* If we don’t know who we are we can’t know our dreams…we can’t know who we are meant to be
* Who are you?
* Women so often put everyone else first and forget who they are
* Who are you at the very core of your existence?
* Own your bruises
* What would it look like if we celebrated each other and inspired others to love themselves?
* You were created to be you…you have something unique to offer the world.
* You being you inspires me to be me….and me being me should inspire you to be you
* Don’t puff up….Don’t sink back…stand your sacred ground!!
* We are all running our own race…it is not a competition

* “A Million Dreams” plays multiple times throughout the movie….the overall theme is DREAM A Million Dreams (from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack) [Official Audio]
* He didn’t limit himself to what had already been done

* We encourage our kids to dream…We ask “What is your dream?”….But, at what age do you stop getting asked that question?…When do you
stop dreaming?
* He sets his sights on specifics….his dreams are not vague
* Rachel Hollis says in “Girl, Wash Your Face” 
* Your dream is worth fighting for
* Instead of saying “I’m going to try to get my masters”—say—“I am getting my masters”
* Specific dreams make it easier to see if you are making progress
* Do you dream? Do you make goals?
* Name them….write them down.
* What if they call me crazy? What if they say I’ve lost my mind?
* Don’t just mumble your dreams….say them outloud!
* Elizabeth said she wants to walk the walk…so, she’d go first by saying her dreams out loud….
“I am going to write a book!” AND “I am going to have a podcast”
* Dream big and dream specifically
* Allow others the freedom to dream
* If we really want something we will find a way…if we don’t…we will find an excuse.


* FROM NOW ON…The Greatest Showman – From Now On – Part 30 H
* We all have “From Now On” moments
* We have times where we get off track and we focus on the urgent rather than the most important
* “A man learns who is there for him when the glitter fades and the walls won’t hold”
* “We will come back home”….not a house…a place of resting within one’s self
* Know who you are so that you know where home is
* “From now on
These eyes will not be blinded by the lights
From now on
What’s waited till tomorrow starts tonight”
* Be honest with yourself….IT STARTS TONIGHT
* “I established a rule that I wouldn’t break another promise to myself…even the small ones.” -Rachel Hollis
* Become who we are truly meant to be