Start Balancing

*”The secret of GETTING AHEAD is getting STARTED” -Mark Twain
* I want to be better tomorrow than I am today
* You can be productive- but not efficient
* MULTI-TASKING (The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papason)
   -is neither efficient or effective
   -when you try to do 2 things at once you aren’t doing either well
   -if you are always trying to do the MOST important thing….why would you try to do something else at the same time?
   -Juggling isn’t multi-tasking… it is actually doing the same thing over and over again…it is “task-switching”
   -studies show that at work we get interrupted every 11 min and we spend a big chunk of time in our day getting back on track to where we were
   -you can’t do 2 things at once and focus on 2 things equally…one is in the foreground and the other is background
   -we know that multi-tasking can be fatal when it involves our lives…we expect pilots and surgeons to be totally focused …but then have a different standard
    for ourselves.  Aren’t our loved ones important enough for our undivided attention?
   -don’t give segmented and piecemeal attention to the ones you love
   -efficiency over productivity
*Kristy Dickerson
*Disciplined people have trained to continuously do the right thing…not everything right
*Each of us has something we can offer to someone else
*You should always have someone pouring into you and you should always have someone you are pouring into
*Sometimes you just have to take a risk and jump…but take calculated risks
*Follow your passion…don’t stop
*Let your purpose fuel your passion
*When you are fulfilling your purpose and passion you are in turn a better wife, mom, friend, etc…
*When you are drained and depleted and aren’t living out your purpose you aren’t giving your best to those you love
*When we don’t take care of ourselves we can get into a state of unhappiness
*WHEN YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED….take a break, take a trip, focus on what is overwhelming you
*WHEN YOU FEEL UNFOCUSED…go to the gym, get together with friends, etc…
*If you aren’t taking care of yourself you are stealing time away from yourself, you spouse and your kids
  (she makes it a priority to sleep 8 hours, eat clean and work out 3-4x a week)
*Often we are most productive without distractions
*”You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” -Abraham Maslow
* Song from The Greatest Showman  “Tightrope”
*If you are a safe person it might be helpful to find someone that pushes you
   -What can you automate?
   -Instacart (she saves time and money)
*Set goals monthly and quarterly….and have reset points (January 1st is a good reset point)
*When you set goals they need to be smart goals with measurable action steps
   (how are you going to make it happen? when is it going to happen? who is going to help you make it happen?)
*It’s not about perfection …It’s about purpose
*That still quiet voice in our head keeps getting stuffed down and drowned out by our busyness…listen to it
*Life is not happening to you…Life is responding to you
*Don’t let life just happen to you
*When you are trying to make a change don’t do it alone
*Find your PURPOSE and PASSION