*We should want our cups to be filled for no other reason but to overflow for others
*Be constantly looking for ways to help others
*Rick Rigsby’s Book… “Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout” Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout
-his parent’s generation was a generation of helpers….now we talk a good game of helping others
but, we back off when we sense the least bit of inconvenience
-the best helpers are silent….there is no showcase to display their good deeds
-their goal is not to impress–but to impact
-Saturday and Sunday weren’t just days off…they were days to help friends and family..that is what builds community
-LOOK for people to help
-Helping builds community
-No job is beneath you

Social Worker from Forsyth County Schools (Amy)
*there are 11 Forsyth County school social workers….their job is to eliminate barriers that could keep children from getting a good education
*321 homeless students in Forsyth County so far this year….last year ended with 599 homeless students
-that can mean that they are doubled up living with another family, living with relatives, living in a hotel, RV park…etc…
1. Donate clothes….she specifically mentioned The Place, No Longer Bound and Abba House b/c they give vouchers to the school
social workers to get clothes for students that need them
2. Purposity Purposity a website/app that list needs for students in your zip code
3. Be a Mentor…the importance of connections and relationships (just 30 min a week)
“You’ve never really lived until you’ve done something for someone that cannot repay you”

Family Promise -Tina
*What do we do to help the homeless when there is not a homeless shelter?
*There are a lot of churches that are full on Sundays….but- empty most of the week….
-There are 13 churches in our community and 7 support churches that host 4 families at a time…
-it is a 30-90 day program….the church provides over nights and meals…Family Promise provides help and support…including childcare and
transportation…they help parents find a job and try to get their feet back on the ground.
*WAYS TO HELP….volunteer to…
1) Cook and eat with the families
2) play games, do crafts, play music
3) sleep at the church (present for the family in case of emergency)
4) share your skills and talents
“Anyone who does something to help a child is a hero to me.” – Mr. Rogers

Bald Ridge Lodge   Boys Home
*opened in 2008…have helped 400 boys so far….average 55 boys per year
*Boys age 12-21
*they welcome them…give them stable, calm environment…involved with school and healthcare
*teach them how to give back to the community
*goal is to reunite families
1) Be a mentor (need male and female)
2) Come cook dinner
3)drop off dinner
4) take them out to dinner (some have never been out to eat)
5) tell your friends about their program…get the word out

Jesse’s House
*Emergency Children’s Shelter for girls 7- 21 years old
*it is a last option…may have been removed from parent’s custody…may have been a foster home that didn’t work out
*need a safe place to go to get back on track….loving, nurturing, supportive environment
*Average stay is 6 months…but, you never know…sometimes it has been 2 years
*ultimate goal is to get back with family in a safe environment
* 16 staff members….24 hour staff
1) volunteer
2) cook dinner
3) do a craft
4) donate money
5) donate gift cards (some girls get there with only the clothes on their back…so, they take them to get clothes….
they like T.J. Maxx, Ross, Target…etc)
6) donate money for an activity…movies, Snow Mountain…etc… (especially over Christmas…they are there 24/7 over the break so they try to
think of fun things for them to do-but-it gets expensive
“The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well” – Ralph Waldo Emerson