I have a confession to make.

I am a hot mess. This BEING A WOMAN thing is hard. It is NO JOKE. We wear so many hats. We are responsible for a lot. I mean A LOT. If we were to list out every single thing we do in a day’s time, we would wear ourselves out by simply reading it! And I don’t just mean the physical things we do. Mentally we take on so much as well. We carry the emotional weight that comes along with loving our husbands, our children, our family and our friends.

We often end up carrying a weight that our female frames are not intended to carry. But we press on nonetheless.

We live in a time where social media is supposed to connect us. Instead, it isolates us. It gives us the false impression that everyone else has it together… everyone but us. We start to feel less than. Not good enough. Like we don’t measure up. We begin the comparison game. So we swim faster and faster trying to keep our heads above water. Trying to become who we THINK we are supposed to be. Trying to become who we feel like we SHOULD be. Trying to become what others WANT us to be.

I used to think it was JUST ME. That I was a frickin hot mess and that everyone else had it together. I was dropping balls left and right. Forgetting to pay the car insurance. Missing curriculum night for the kids. Pushing the piles of dust bunnies and dog hair in my house under the couch. Showing up to the game at the wrong time (and at the wrong field). Forgetting a child’s birthday and celebrating a week later as if it was REALLY his birthday. Falling asleep during important conversations at bedtime. Buying and baking my husband’s favorite apple pie for his birthday, only to discover it was a chicken pot pie….

(I think I am going to stop there for now)

The reality is, the more women I meet, the more I realize I am not alone. We all drop balls. None of us measure up. (And I am pretty sure that no one else is carrying a measuring stick.) We all struggle. We just don’t always share it. I was just so consumed with my mess that I couldn’t see the mess of those around me. Yet, women everywhere are overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted.

Did you know?

– 62% of moms feel dissatisfied with the home/work balance.
– 72% of all women feel stressed out.
– 88% of all women want to improve in at least one area of life.

We are in this TOGETHER! There is one thing I know to be true…we are not meant to do life alone.

We need to sit at a round table with other women that can say, ME TOO. ME TOO!

That’s why I love The Exchange and the group of women
that make it up. If there is ever a time that women need
community of IMPERFECT WOMEN, seeking to be the best version
of ourselves that we can be.

We don’t have all of the answers. But we are committed to fighting the cultural drift away from all that is good for us, and we are committed to living ON PURPOSE, TOGETHER. I hope you will join us this fall at The Exchange. We have an incredible line up of topics related to SOUL KEEPING.

If you are looking for a place that is FUN, that is REAL, that is SAFE – a place where you BELONG and a place that is BENEFICIAL. The Exchange is FOR YOU! We cannot wait to see you there (after you partially miss curriculum night ☺ ) on August 24th!